More information

• 1-800-Investigator provides you with a variety of information to help you track down who might be calling you. • With your report from 1-800-Investigator, you can click on “file a complaint” and you are immediately directed to authorities if you have been receiving harassing phone calls. • 1-800-Investigator can be used for a variety of reasons, from tracking down old classmates and their addresses to researching a missed call or number on your phone bill. • 1-800-Investigator’s user agreement asks you to agree not to use this information for illegal purposes.

• If you don’t want your information to appear on 1-800-Investigator’s website, there is a link for you to “opt out” of their database, which is compiled from public records, data brokers, and other “confidential” (i.e. profit-hungry) sources. • Membership to 1-800-Investigator requires a simple one-time fee per number or per year, with customer support available free of charge if you are having problems locating the necessary information. • A single full-phone report costs just $14.95, or you can sign up for a year’s membership for $39.95.